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Although weight training is now accepted as a necessary part of every exercise routine, it’s still in competition against many of today’s hyped up work-outs. As wonderful as exercise (in any form) is, nothing protects against aging as does strength training simply with a set of dumbbells! This is for a number […]

Dumbbell’s Protection Against Aging

As part of my naturopathic health programs, I use the Bio Impedance Analysis (B. I. A.) equipment to monitor patient progress. The results obtained give insight into a patient’s overall cellular health, water retention, dehydration and body fat percentage to lean muscle mass percentage. Bio-Impedance Analysis (B. I. A.) is […]

Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA)

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The new Canadian guidelines for exercise and physical activity although slightly backwards in its logic, with a few tweaks, it actually is on the right track. With the new guidelines, activity targets for adults will drop from 60 minutes per day to 150 minutes per week. The slightly backwards part […]

Why Canada’s lowered Physical Activity Guidelines are a Great change!