Pre & Post-Conception Mother & Baby Care

fish-oil-in-pregnant-womanAre you looking to having an enjoyable pregnancy and birth experience?

Wanting to prevent (and/or treat) post-partum depression, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, sciatica and the many other concerns pregnancy may bring with it? Are you looking to learn the basics of hypnobirthing, treat backpain without the need for medication, utilize acupuncture stimulation protocols to get labour going and ensure proper positioning of baby? Is it your goal to minimize medication and interventions as much as possible? Wanting to understand your choices and optimize your health to maximize the health of your baby?  If so, Naturopathic Medicine can help you achieve your health goals. To get started book an initial visit, fill out and submit an intake form and get started on achieving you and your baby’s best health!

Lifestyle Coaching

Are you overwhelmed and unable to cope with the stresses of life, are you ready to take responsibility for the lifestyle-coaching-life-is-like-a-spiral-movement-achievement-naturopath-london-ontariochoices in your life that will bring you health but just don’t know where to start?

Using accurate science-based information in line with traditionally proven therapies (while avoiding the daily changing fads), with one-on-one support and encouragement, we will together address your health concerns. You will discover the root cause of your concerns and find your way through set-backs that may have discouraged you from continuing on your journey towards better health. To get started book an initial visit, fill out and submit an intake form and get started on living your best life today!

Achieve Your BEST Self

A Weight Management & Healthy Lifestyle Program designed to improve your health and reduce your health risks.

Includes 3 Naturopathic visits for one-on-one care for new patients and 6 weekly group sessions. Group wellness coaching weight management program london ontariosupport being an integral part of this program has been proven to influence success through positive feedback and encouragement. In addition to getting the support you need to stay motivated, this program includes valuable lectures, tips and facts to keep you well-informed and losing weight. Program can be joined at any time! To obtain more information please email or Book Your Free Wellness Session today by calling the Clinic @519-266-4649.

Get Armed for Winter

Do you suffer from endless colds and flu’s all winter long? Do you dread the falling leaves as it signals the start of your winter blues? Do you gain a few extra pounds as your cravings hit an all time high in the wintertime? Then this program may be for you!natural health for flu london ontario

Being residents of the great white north means our bodies have -to the best of their abilities- adapted to the cold and all that comes with our longest season  of the year! However, there’s much that can be done to support your body to function optimally through this season. From the winter blues to the colds and flus that can plaque us all, learn how to prepare to beat it all. From dietary adjustements to supplemental nutrtion to home remedies and acupressure points to releave that nasal congestion and homeopathic flu remedies, you’ll be well-equipped this winter season! Program includes an initial naturopathic consult (taking in your personal medical history and essential physical exams), and two monthly follow-ups (to track your progress and help you maintain motivation). Get coached through this winter season triumphant! To get started book an initial visit, fill out and submit your intake form online.

Anxiety & Related Mood Disorders

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