Nutritional Counselling

Let Food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.

~ Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine

With the many fads that society seems to embrace and then immediately throw aside as having been false & harmful, it can be very challenging to know how to optimize your health through nutrition.

Dr. Misaghi with her background -and passion- in Nutritional Sciences (from the University of Toronto) can help you navigate the world of wellness and holistic health. With a solid understanding of the human body and its nutritional needs and an unbiased look at the most recent research studies, learn how YOU can help YOUR body perform at its best. In a world that one day points us to low-fat and the next to no-sugar and high-fat and a mere decade later asks us to forget all our learnings and to again re-learn new eating habits, it may seem daunting and -no doubt- cause confusion. However, there’s a way to navigate the bias and marketing tactics that underlie some of these trends and by focusing on traditional, time-tested, and scientifically sound nutritional advice, find what works best for you!
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Fall Butternut Squash Ginger Walnut Soup (click link for recipe)

Fall Butternut Squash Ginger Walnut Soup

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Gluten Free (rice & chickpea flour) Cookies (see recipe here)

gluten free cookie recipe

Avocado & Blue cheese toast topper

avocado recipe naturopath london ontario




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