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Lyme Disease has garnered a lot of attention recently and for good reason. If left untreated, it could progress to heart problems, arthritis, extreme fatigue and general weakness as well as nervous system disorders. Lyme literacy is a must especially during the summer months and more so in recent years […]

Summer Safety: Lyme Literacy

I often struggle in explaining what Naturopathic medicine is. And so I thought I would list the top 5 rules naturopaths do not typically practice by! Here is to more clarity -hopefully! Let me know what you think… 🙂 It is not: “I either take the mainstream medicine route or […]

FIVE Reasons You Should NOT See a Naturopath!

Guest Post by Travis White @ learnfit.org Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Who says the only way to work out is to hit the gym and run on a treadmill for 30 minutes? There are plenty of ways to get fit while having fun – just think creatively, and […]

Guest Post: Four Creative Fitness Ideas to Get Outside This ...

licorice candy bad for high blood pressure
How jelly beans made a Canadian man deathly ill, and highlighted the dangers of licorice And that is why we naturopaths do not take Herbal Medicine lightly. Why we study herbal medicine, nutrition and acupuncture for four years after our science-based university level undergrad. We have pharmacists who dispense drugs & […]

Jelly Beans Made a Canadian Man Deathly Ill

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I’m happy to announce that totalhealthnd.com has been selected as one of the Top 75 Naturopathic Blogs on the Web. Looking forward to continuing to provide up-to-date, relevant and practical natural health information to my readers. For a comprehensive list of the Top 75 Naturopathic Blogs, see Feedspot. Yours In […]

Top 75 Naturopathic Blogs on the Web

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When choosing to see an alternative health practitioner such as a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), most are at a point in their health and well-being where the mainstream medical system can no longer address their concerns. Others, do not want to stay on a long-term medication regiment due to side-effects experienced […]

Your Top 4 Concerns About Naturopathy Answered

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Almost every woman I know at some point in her life will worry about hair loss. As many reasons as there are to hair loss, there are just as many treatments. Like every other health concern, hair loss needs to be addressed by getting to the root cause -literally and […]

What to do about hair loss…

natural menopause treatment
A recent study published in the Journal Menopause (September 2016) has found that Acupuncture could be an effective treatment for the reduction of hot flashes. About half the study participants had a reduction in the frequency of hot flashes after 8 weeks of treatment. “Women bothered by hot flashes and […]

Acupuncture found to reduce hot flashes

no band aid solutions with naturopathic medicine
Naturopathic Doctors claim that their treatments do not suppress but rather treat the root cause of illness. What exactly does this mean? Both in conventional and some alternative forms of medicine, reduction of symptoms and alleviation of suffering are viewed as the ultimate goals of treatment. The clinical philosophy of naturopathic medicine […]

Suppression Explained…

list of 6 principles of naturopathic medicine
Naturopathic Doctors are guided by six basic principles:   First do no harm: By using methods and medicines that minimize the risk of harmful side effects. The process of healing includes the generation of symptoms which are an expression of the life force attempting to heal itself.  Therefore, methods designed […]

Naturopathic Principles

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If you’re wondering about the effects of beneficial bacteria on the brain, the connection between your emotional health and your gut, and how probiotics influence your autoimmune disease, read on… Western medicine is considered to be in its infancy and so it’s of no surprise that researchers are making new […]

Brain Maker Review

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With all the craze of superfoods, healthy eating, disease prevention and anti-aging fads, trends, advice, and research that we’re constantly bombarded with, there’s rarely ever talk of the dangers of these same superfoods. I recently was made aware of the potential dangers of high kale consumption due to the ability […]

Enjoy Superfoods, Sensibly!

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While initially browsing through this Pulitzer Prize winner for General Non-Fiction, I caught a glimpse of the “prevention” chapter which enticed me to read the whole 470 pages of it. It was not just a biography of cancer but also a detailed history of modern medicine. My expectations of learning […]

Book Review – A Biography of Cancer