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It was about two years ago when raspberry ketones made their debut. Of course, popularized by none other than Dr. Oz himself, I ignored them as I did everything that had the slightest connection with Dr. Oz labeling it in my mind as fad and nothing more than a marketing […]

Raspberry Ketones really exist!

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Sound Nutritional Advice on Why NOT to eat Breakfast I had a supervisor during my clinical rotation who challenged my recommendations of eating 5 meals a day to a patient. This was and still is such a deeply held belief in medicine that I seriously thought he was either just […]

Best Time for Your 1 Meal -NOT Breakfast!

If you’re looking to put away the empty calories and snack on some yummy, nutritionally dense Super food, look no further! Rich in flavour & easy to make… Time: 20 minutes 1-2 big bunches kale, torn into bite-size pieces, washed and thoroughly dried 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 3/4 teaspoon salt […]

SEriousLy AdDicTive Kale Chips

Although weight training is now accepted as a necessary part of every exercise routine, it’s still in competition against many of today’s hyped up work-outs. As wonderful as exercise (in any form) is, nothing protects against aging as does strength training simply with a set of dumbbells! This is for a number […]

Dumbbell’s Protection Against Aging

As part of my naturopathic health programs, I use the Bio Impedance Analysis (B. I. A.) equipment to monitor patient progress. The results obtained give insight into a patient’s overall cellular health, water retention, dehydration and body fat percentage to lean muscle mass percentage. Bio-Impedance Analysis (B. I. A.) is […]

Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA)

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Traditional Methods of detecting thyroid abnormalities and diagnosis based on laboratory analysis are not sufficient in most cases of subclinical hypothyroidism. Upon suspicion of hypothyroidism (based on symptoms such as low energy and moods, weight gain, cold intolerance and low body temperature, constipation, and dry skin) the diagnosis of hypothyroidism […]

A commonly missed diagnosis: Thyroid dysfunction

  Calorie counting has officially become history as Weight Watchers, the world’s largest diet company announces that “calorie counting has become unhelpful” (I’d change that to “has [BEEN] unhelpful”)! It appears that it has finally occurred to the president that there’s a difference between the 100 calories contained in an […]

Sweet Cravings and Insatiable Hunger?

As requested I’m posting some of my favorite healthy breakfasts under ten minutes. Goal for breakfast as with any meal is to ensure you’ve got balanced amounts of carbohydrates -from whole unprocessed grains and fresh fruits- proteins and good fats. The following are gluten and dairy free for those who […]

Nutritious Breakfasts under 10 mintues!

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Hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, fatigue and poor memory are just a few of the conditions possibly caused by a single hormone malfunction! With its discovery in 1923, insulin research has come a long way and it is now being linked to the onset of a myriad conditions and syndromes. Insulin is a hormone known for its […]

Manage Insulin; Manage Health

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The new Canadian guidelines for exercise and physical activity although slightly backwards in its logic, with a few tweaks, it actually is on the right track. With the new guidelines, activity targets for adults will drop from 60 minutes per day to 150 minutes per week. The slightly backwards part […]

Why Canada’s lowered Physical Activity Guidelines are a Great change!

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Maintaining body weight and/or weight loss may be achieved for some with education around serving sizes, food selection, exercise, and the establishment of healthy habits. For others however, the issue goes much deeper than simply changing eating habits and exercise routines. Geneen Roth through her exploration of compulsive eating sums up […]