fitness and insulin
Guest Post by Daniel, a fitness and CrossFit coach @fitnesscrab.com Before getting started, here are a few things you need to know: Bulking and cutting is not seasonal. Learning how to control your insulin can help your body burn fat and build muscle every day. Muscle is made of protein. […]

The Function of Insulin in Muscle Building

self love compassion care
Many think self-love is selfish or egotistic but on the contrary love for your Self is healthy! The greater the love for yourself, the greater your ability to love others. Love requires: understanding, respect, acceptance, responsibility and compassion. According to Darlene Lancer, these virtues cannot be compartmentalized and hence if […]

What is Self-love and how exactly do you?

licorice candy bad for high blood pressure
How jelly beans made a Canadian man deathly ill, and highlighted the dangers of licorice And that is why we naturopaths do not take Herbal Medicine lightly. Why we study herbal medicine, nutrition and acupuncture for four years after our science-based university level undergrad. We have pharmacists who dispense drugs & […]

Jelly Beans Made a Canadian Man Deathly Ill

top naturopath london ontario
I’m happy to announce that totalhealthnd.com has been selected as one of the Top 75 Naturopathic Blogs on the Web. Looking forward to continuing to provide up-to-date, relevant and practical natural health information to my readers. For a comprehensive list of the Top 75 Naturopathic Blogs, see Feedspot. Yours In […]

Top 75 Naturopathic Blogs on the Web

steps to happiness psychologist ted talk shawn achor review
There are numerous philosophies, theories and opinions on the definition of happiness and how to achieve it. However, most are mere theories without practical steps. I recently stumbled upon this TED talk by Shawn Achor and the beauty of his short talk is that it is light, practical and scientifically […]

How YOU can bring about your Happiness

hair loss natural treatment naturopathic doctor london ontario
Almost every woman I know at some point in her life will worry about hair loss. As many reasons as there are to hair loss, there are just as many treatments. Like every other health concern, hair loss needs to be addressed by getting to the root cause -literally and […]

What to do about hair loss…

Fish intake by pregnant women improve the development of a child’s brain   Exciting research out of Japan indicates that a maternal diet with proper omega6 to Omega3 balance could lead to improved brain function & increased brain size in the developing fetus. Moreover, the study also revealed that regardless […]

Fish oils & Your developing baby

no band aid solutions with naturopathic medicine
Naturopathic Doctors claim that their treatments do not suppress but rather treat the root cause of illness. What exactly does this mean? Both in conventional and some alternative forms of medicine, reduction of symptoms and alleviation of suffering are viewed as the ultimate goals of treatment. The clinical philosophy of naturopathic medicine […]

Suppression Explained…

list of 6 principles of naturopathic medicine
Naturopathic Doctors are guided by six basic principles:   First do no harm: By using methods and medicines that minimize the risk of harmful side effects. The process of healing includes the generation of symptoms which are an expression of the life force attempting to heal itself.  Therefore, methods designed […]

Naturopathic Principles

natural alternative to food colouring naturopath london ontario 2
With the pervasive toxin exposure, whether through the air we breath, the water we drink or the food we consume, more and more people are in search of ways of controlling their environment to lower these toxic exposures. Artificial food colouring is one such toxin. Becoming a mother to a […]

Natural Food Colouring