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Why Use a 3x/day Prenatal Multi-vitamin? I had a difficult time answering the above question (asked from a mom-to-be) in a concise, efficient and easy to understand one liner. Medical topics can rarely be summarized into one-liners, and if they are, know that you aren’t getting the full picture but […]

Why is a 3 a day Prenatal Superior to a ...

Fish intake by pregnant women improve the development of a child’s brain   Exciting research out of Japan indicates that a maternal diet with proper omega6 to Omega3 balance could lead to improved brain function & increased brain size in the developing fetus. Moreover, the study also revealed that regardless […]

Fish oils & Your developing baby

Breaking news in vitamin world: a vital hormone has been mistakenly known and referred to as a vitamin for years! It has been receiving huge claim in recent years as more and more studies point to its necessity in the prevention and treatment of many of today’s chronic diseases including cancer! […]

Vitamin D: Case of a Mistaken Identity!

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Fish oils are a source of omega 3, a fatty acid considered essential for the proper functioning of your body. It is considered essential because your body does not have a way of manufacturing this oil from other dietary nutrients. Except for the essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), […]

Our Genetics Necessitate Consumption of Omega 3’s!

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I’m not much into miracles especially where medicine is concerned. Fish oils however, are without question today’s miracle medicine! I should clarify however that fish oil is a miracle in the sense that it’s a very potent healer, and not a miracle as far as the definition of this word […]

The Scoop on Fish Oils

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When supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals or treating a condition with nutraceuticals or herbal remedies, another area (apart from what’s been discussed in part I) that requires careful consideration, is the route of administration! Should you take a supplement in its tablet, capsule, lozenge/sublingual, liquid form or receive […]

Considerations When Buying Supplements (part II)

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The market is currently saturated with health products claiming to heal almost every condition under the sun! Navigating such a maze can often be a very taxing task and at best should be left to the expertise of a licensed professional in the field (eg. Naturopath, holistic nutritionist, botanical medicine […]

Considerations when buying supplements

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The history of licorice as a medicinal plant dates back thousands of years. From treating gastric ulcers to stopping a coughing fit to raising your blood pressure and boosting your exhausted adrenals, licorice does all that and more. The name ‘licorice’ is derived from the Greek (glukurrhiza), meaning “sweet root”. […]

Licorice for Spasmodic Coughs, fatigue & …

I’ve often struggled in explaining to my patients that it was okay if they chose to combine a weeks dose of Vitamin D and take it once every week. Turned out, that choice, made things slightly complicated! “Really? XX,000 Units of Vitamin D at once? There must be some damage!?” […]

Why Taking a Week’s Dose of Vitamin D in One ...