Stress Management

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Many think self-love is selfish or egotistic but on the contrary love for your Self is healthy! The greater the love for yourself, the greater your ability to love others. Love requires: understanding, respect, acceptance, responsibility and compassion. According to Darlene Lancer, these virtues cannot be compartmentalized and hence if […]

What is Self-love and how exactly do you?

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There are numerous philosophies, theories and opinions on the definition of happiness and how to achieve it. However, most are mere theories without practical steps. I recently stumbled upon this TED talk by Shawn Achor and the beauty of his short talk is that it is light, practical and scientifically […]

How YOU can bring about your Happiness

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You’ve just discovered you’re pregnant. Now what? Whether planned or unplanned, the thought that a fetus has began its life inside you can be a daunting and stress-inducing thought. So here are some starter tips. 7 things you should be mindful of when pregnant:   Are you going to be […]

7 Starter Tips for a Newly Discovered Pregnancy!

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Research out of Japan suggests that over and beyond the benefits provided by the exercise of walking and the stress relieving aspects of walking in the woods that can boost the immune system, a walk in the woods may also provide protection against cancer! Plants emit a chemical called phytoncides that protects […]

The protective effects of taking a walk in the woods

Cortisol, the wonderful hormone that wakes you up every morning can also potentially put you to your eternal sleep. This latter effect however is insidious and not only does it fulfill this function very slowly but it works completely under the radar. Let’s not forget however that cortisol is an […]

Ability to balance this hormone affects all aspects of health!