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Replacing ONE sugary drink with water (or sugar-free herbal teas) will improve your waistline as well as your blood pressure readings AND cholesterol!  Study summary: The author and researcher (Duffrey) found a reduction in the amount of daily calories coming from sugary drinks improves individual scores on the Healthy Beverage […]

Replacing JUST ONE sugary drink with water could make significant ...

It was about two years ago when raspberry ketones made their debut. Of course, popularized by none other than Dr. Oz himself, I ignored them as I did everything that had the slightest connection with Dr. Oz labeling it in my mind as fad and nothing more than a marketing […]

Raspberry Ketones really exist!

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I have never promoted a vegetarian/vegan diet whether speaking casually among friends or to a patient who is seriously considering putting all meat and animal products aside. It is however very healthy and necessary to –often- fulfill ones nutritional needs through only vegetables, grains, nuts/seeds and oils as one cannot […]

Easy, cool, summer recipe

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With the pervasive toxin exposure, whether through the air we breath, the water we drink or the food we consume, more and more people are in search of ways of controlling their environment to lower these toxic exposures. Artificial food colouring is one such toxin. Becoming a mother to a […]

Natural Food Colouring

Making your healthy -as good as store bought chocolate- alternative is as simple as 15 minutes of your time, 3 simple ingredients and a food processor! That rich, melt in your mouth feel of butter is perfectly matched by a healthier and nutritionally superior option: Avocado! Rather than the blood sugar spiking, mood depressing, energy suppressing […]

Valentine’s Heart Healthy Truffles!

If you’re looking to put away the empty calories and snack on some yummy, nutritionally dense Super food, look no further! Rich in flavour & easy to make… Time: 20 minutes 1-2 big bunches kale, torn into bite-size pieces, washed and thoroughly dried 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 3/4 teaspoon salt […]

SEriousLy AdDicTive Kale Chips

As requested I’m posting some of my favorite healthy breakfasts under ten minutes. Goal for breakfast as with any meal is to ensure you’ve got balanced amounts of carbohydrates -from whole unprocessed grains and fresh fruits- proteins and good fats. The following are gluten and dairy free for those who […]

Nutritious Breakfasts under 10 mintues!