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Why Use a 3x/day Prenatal Multi-vitamin? I had a difficult time answering the above question (asked from a mom-to-be) in a concise, efficient and easy to understand one liner. Medical topics can rarely be summarized into one-liners, and if they are, know that you aren’t getting the full picture but […]

Why is a 3 a day Prenatal Superior to a ...

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You’ve just discovered you’re pregnant. Now what? Whether planned or unplanned, the thought that a fetus has began its life inside you can be a daunting and stress-inducing thought. So here are some starter tips. 7 things you should be mindful of when pregnant:   Are you going to be […]

7 Starter Tips for a Newly Discovered Pregnancy!

Fish intake by pregnant women improve the development of a child’s brain   Exciting research out of Japan indicates that a maternal diet with proper omega6 to Omega3 balance could lead to improved brain function & increased brain size in the developing fetus. Moreover, the study also revealed that regardless […]

Fish oils & Your developing baby