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Why Use a 3x/day Prenatal Multi-vitamin? I had a difficult time answering the above question (asked from a mom-to-be) in a concise, efficient and easy to understand one liner. Medical topics can rarely be summarized into one-liners, and if they are, know that you aren’t getting the full picture but […]

Why is a 3 a day Prenatal Superior to a ...

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You’ve just discovered you’re pregnant. Now what? Whether planned or unplanned, the thought that a fetus has began its life inside you can be a daunting and stress-inducing thought. So here are some starter tips. 7 things you should be mindful of when pregnant:   Are you going to be […]

7 Starter Tips for a Newly Discovered Pregnancy!

Fish intake by pregnant women improve the development of a child’s brain   Exciting research out of Japan indicates that a maternal diet with proper omega6 to Omega3 balance could lead to improved brain function & increased brain size in the developing fetus. Moreover, the study also revealed that regardless […]

Fish oils & Your developing baby

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Replacing ONE sugary drink with water (or sugar-free herbal teas) will improve your waistline as well as your blood pressure readings AND cholesterol!  Study summary: The author and researcher (Duffrey) found a reduction in the amount of daily calories coming from sugary drinks improves individual scores on the Healthy Beverage […]

Replacing JUST ONE sugary drink with water could make significant ...

It was about two years ago when raspberry ketones made their debut. Of course, popularized by none other than Dr. Oz himself, I ignored them as I did everything that had the slightest connection with Dr. Oz labeling it in my mind as fad and nothing more than a marketing […]

Raspberry Ketones really exist!

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With all the craze of superfoods, healthy eating, disease prevention and anti-aging fads, trends, advice, and research that we’re constantly bombarded with, there’s rarely ever talk of the dangers of these same superfoods. I recently was made aware of the potential dangers of high kale consumption due to the ability […]

Enjoy Superfoods, Sensibly!

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Inflammation and cardiovascular Disease Finally someone is making sense! Dr. Dwight Lundell in his article (Heart surgeon declares on what really causes heart illness) describes his years of experience treating clogged arteries through surgery and his -as well as the medical systems- misguided beliefs that cholesterol in the body translates into […]

Paradigm shift on Heart Disease challenging 60+ years of scientific ...

Exploring Food Myths: Asking my patients to NOT consume raw foods has always -without fail- led to expressions of shock and surprise on their part! As a naturopath well-versed in nutritional sciences, I can understand my patients’ doubts when I recommend cooked meals. But what about everyone else on the […]

Say NO to RAW!

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Sound Nutritional Advice on Why NOT to eat Breakfast I had a supervisor during my clinical rotation who challenged my recommendations of eating 5 meals a day to a patient. This was and still is such a deeply held belief in medicine that I seriously thought he was either just […]

Best Time for Your 1 Meal -NOT Breakfast!