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Very proud to say our teenager is super wise beyond her years! Recently in her grade 8 health class they were presented with a video whose aim was to basically deligitamize “Supersize Me”. One multiple choice question asks kids (paraphrasing): what was the reason for health issues faced by Supersize […]

Our kids are being taught McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and ...

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Replacing ONE sugary drink with water (or sugar-free herbal teas) will improve your waistline as well as your blood pressure readings AND cholesterol!  Study summary: The author and researcher (Duffrey) found a reduction in the amount of daily calories coming from sugary drinks improves individual scores on the Healthy Beverage […]

Replacing JUST ONE sugary drink with water could make significant ...

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With all the craze of superfoods, healthy eating, disease prevention and anti-aging fads, trends, advice, and research that we’re constantly bombarded with, there’s rarely ever talk of the dangers of these same superfoods. I recently was made aware of the potential dangers of high kale consumption due to the ability […]

Enjoy Superfoods, Sensibly!

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I have never promoted a vegetarian/vegan diet whether speaking casually among friends or to a patient who is seriously considering putting all meat and animal products aside. It is however very healthy and necessary to –often- fulfill ones nutritional needs through only vegetables, grains, nuts/seeds and oils as one cannot […]

Easy, cool, summer recipe

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Inflammation and cardiovascular Disease Finally someone is making sense! Dr. Dwight Lundell in his article (Heart surgeon declares on what really causes heart illness) describes his years of experience treating clogged arteries through surgery and his -as well as the medical systems- misguided beliefs that cholesterol in the body translates into […]

Paradigm shift on Heart Disease challenging 60+ years of scientific ...

Exploring Food Myths: Asking my patients to NOT consume raw foods has always -without fail- led to expressions of shock and surprise on their part! As a naturopath well-versed in nutritional sciences, I can understand my patients’ doubts when I recommend cooked meals. But what about everyone else on the […]

Say NO to RAW!

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Sound Nutritional Advice on Why NOT to eat Breakfast I had a supervisor during my clinical rotation who challenged my recommendations of eating 5 meals a day to a patient. This was and still is such a deeply held belief in medicine that I seriously thought he was either just […]

Best Time for Your 1 Meal -NOT Breakfast!

Our bodies are continuously in the process of creating toxins (a natural by-product of metabolism) and eliminating these toxins. However our bodies natural detoxification processes can be overburdened with the addition of environmental toxins as well as lifestyle factors that hamper this natural process. Detoxification is therefore neither un-natural nor […]

What does it mean to “Detox”?

If you’re looking to put away the empty calories and snack on some yummy, nutritionally dense Super food, look no further! Rich in flavour & easy to make… Time: 20 minutes 1-2 big bunches kale, torn into bite-size pieces, washed and thoroughly dried 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 3/4 teaspoon salt […]

SEriousLy AdDicTive Kale Chips

Although weight training is now accepted as a necessary part of every exercise routine, it’s still in competition against many of today’s hyped up work-outs. As wonderful as exercise (in any form) is, nothing protects against aging as does strength training simply with a set of dumbbells! This is for a number […]

Dumbbell’s Protection Against Aging

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Fish oils are a source of omega 3, a fatty acid considered essential for the proper functioning of your body. It is considered essential because your body does not have a way of manufacturing this oil from other dietary nutrients. Except for the essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), […]

Our Genetics Necessitate Consumption of Omega 3’s!

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I’m not much into miracles especially where medicine is concerned. Fish oils however, are without question today’s miracle medicine! I should clarify however that fish oil is a miracle in the sense that it’s a very potent healer, and not a miracle as far as the definition of this word […]

The Scoop on Fish Oils