Naturopathic Philosophy

I often struggle in explaining what Naturopathic medicine is. And so I thought I would list the top 5 rules naturopaths do not typically practice by! Here is to more clarity -hopefully! Let me know what you think… 🙂 It is not: “I either take the mainstream medicine route or […]

FIVE Reasons You Should NOT See a Naturopath!

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Anxiety -as with any other health condition- could arise from one or more causative factors. Be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Likewise, its treatment also requires a holistic approach. Naturopathic Doctors are in a unique position in helping their patients address their anxiety; they are trained not just in […]

Naturopathic Treatment of Anxiety

no band aid solutions with naturopathic medicine
Naturopathic Doctors claim that their treatments do not suppress but rather treat the root cause of illness. What exactly does this mean? Both in conventional and some alternative forms of medicine, reduction of symptoms and alleviation of suffering are viewed as the ultimate goals of treatment. The clinical philosophy of naturopathic medicine […]

Suppression Explained…

list of 6 principles of naturopathic medicine
Naturopathic Doctors are guided by six basic principles:   First do no harm: By using methods and medicines that minimize the risk of harmful side effects. The process of healing includes the generation of symptoms which are an expression of the life force attempting to heal itself.  Therefore, methods designed […]

Naturopathic Principles

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by Kate Whimster, BCom, MIFHI, ND   I just read this blog, The Swiss Government’s Remarkable Report on Homeopathic Medicine, by Dana Ullman, who writes a regular blog about homeopathy for the Huffington Post. In this blog he discusses a report from the Swiss Government after extensive evaluation of homeopathic […]

Guest Post: Swiss report on homeopathy

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When faced with the possibility of a food as the cause of dis-ease, most health practitioners normally only test for food allergies when testing for food intolerance is also indicated. Food intolerance however as prevalent as they are, and just as serious a condition, are often neglected and not tested […]