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I often struggle in explaining what Naturopathic medicine is. And so I thought I would list the top 5 rules naturopaths do not typically practice by! Here is to more clarity -hopefully! Let me know what you think… 🙂 It is not: “I either take the mainstream medicine route or […]

FIVE Reasons You Should NOT See a Naturopath!

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How jelly beans made a Canadian man deathly ill, and highlighted the dangers of licorice And that is why we naturopaths do not take Herbal Medicine lightly. Why we study herbal medicine, nutrition and acupuncture for four years after our science-based university level undergrad. We have pharmacists who dispense drugs & […]

Jelly Beans Made a Canadian Man Deathly Ill

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I’m happy to announce that has been selected as one of the Top 75 Naturopathic Blogs on the Web. Looking forward to continuing to provide up-to-date, relevant and practical natural health information to my readers. For a comprehensive list of the Top 75 Naturopathic Blogs, see Feedspot. Yours In […]

Top 75 Naturopathic Blogs on the Web

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While initially browsing through this Pulitzer Prize winner for General Non-Fiction, I caught a glimpse of the “prevention” chapter which enticed me to read the whole 470 pages of it. It was not just a biography of cancer but also a detailed history of modern medicine. My expectations of learning […]

Book Review – A Biography of Cancer

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Inflammation and cardiovascular Disease Finally someone is making sense! Dr. Dwight Lundell in his article (Heart surgeon declares on what really causes heart illness) describes his years of experience treating clogged arteries through surgery and his -as well as the medical systems- misguided beliefs that cholesterol in the body translates into […]

Paradigm shift on Heart Disease challenging 60+ years of scientific ...

Exploring Food Myths: Asking my patients to NOT consume raw foods has always -without fail- led to expressions of shock and surprise on their part! As a naturopath well-versed in nutritional sciences, I can understand my patients’ doubts when I recommend cooked meals. But what about everyone else on the […]

Say NO to RAW!

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Revisiting an article I wrote a few years back… Dr. Emoto, a researcher from Japan studying the impact of altering water by various factors of vibration and consciousness has demonstrated that human thoughts and emotions can alter the molecular structure of water. So how about some physical evidence that the […]

“10% of the wold’s population needed to change the world!” ...

Our bodies are continuously in the process of creating toxins (a natural by-product of metabolism) and eliminating these toxins. However our bodies natural detoxification processes can be overburdened with the addition of environmental toxins as well as lifestyle factors that hamper this natural process. Detoxification is therefore neither un-natural nor […]

What does it mean to “Detox”?

Breaking news in vitamin world: a vital hormone has been mistakenly known and referred to as a vitamin for years! It has been receiving huge claim in recent years as more and more studies point to its necessity in the prevention and treatment of many of today’s chronic diseases including cancer! […]

Vitamin D: Case of a Mistaken Identity!

As part of my naturopathic health programs, I use the Bio Impedance Analysis (B. I. A.) equipment to monitor patient progress. The results obtained give insight into a patient’s overall cellular health, water retention, dehydration and body fat percentage to lean muscle mass percentage. Bio-Impedance Analysis (B. I. A.) is […]

Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA)

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Fish oils are a source of omega 3, a fatty acid considered essential for the proper functioning of your body. It is considered essential because your body does not have a way of manufacturing this oil from other dietary nutrients. Except for the essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), […]

Our Genetics Necessitate Consumption of Omega 3’s!

Unlike white sugar, salt has got a bad rap as being a poison of the same ranks as sugar. Although salt is not usually considered a health food item, it is however a necessity to life whereas sugar –in its processed white powder form consumed on an average of ~32kg/year […]

Salt a ‘White Poison’: Myth Uncovered!

A health concern for the majority of us whether young or old is our bone health. Unfortunately for most, it’s only in the latter decades of life that such concerns begin to surface as the reality of osteoporosis and the possibility of bone fractures begin to settle in. Our bones […]

Calcium is NOT the answer to bone health!