Bone Health

Preventing Osteoporosis and maintaning bone density; fall fracture prevention; calcium and osteopenia; acidity and osteopenia

Breaking news in vitamin world: a vital hormone has been mistakenly known and referred to as a vitamin for years! It has been receiving huge claim in recent years as more and more studies point to its necessity in the prevention and treatment of many of today’s chronic diseases including cancer! […]

Vitamin D: Case of a Mistaken Identity!

Although weight training is now accepted as a necessary part of every exercise routine, it’s still in competition against many of today’s hyped up work-outs. As wonderful as exercise (in any form) is, nothing protects against aging as does strength training simply with a set of dumbbells! This is for a number […]

Dumbbell’s Protection Against Aging

What does it mean for the body to be acidic? Here’s a simple example for those who have ever exercised pushing over their limit –usually with resistance type exercises! When our  muscles are pushed to their limit metabolically -the point where “aerobic” (with Oxygen) metabolism for the production of energy is […]

The Role of Acidity in Disease

A health concern for the majority of us whether young or old is our bone health. Unfortunately for most, it’s only in the latter decades of life that such concerns begin to surface as the reality of osteoporosis and the possibility of bone fractures begin to settle in. Our bones […]

Calcium is NOT the answer to bone health!

I’ve often struggled in explaining to my patients that it was okay if they chose to combine a weeks dose of Vitamin D and take it once every week. Turned out, that choice, made things slightly complicated! “Really? XX,000 Units of Vitamin D at once? There must be some damage!?” […]

Why Taking a Week’s Dose of Vitamin D in One ...